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Enjoy all that we have to offer

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Explore the Island

Indulge in all that the island of Anegada has to offer. Rent a car or scooter and explore all of the island's beautiful scenery, or make a stop at one of the local boutiques and shops to pick up a hand-crafted souvenir commemorating your time on this beautiful island.

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Enjoy the Beach

Less than five minutes walk, directly across from the villas is a private beach perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. You can also plan a day at any of the other beautiful white sandy beaches on the island, just minutes away from Four Diamonds. 

Flamingo Watching

Walk the trail from Four Diamonds Park Villas to Anegada's very own saltwater Flamingo Pond to enjoy a serene and tranquil moment. You may be fortunate to see a flock of beautiful Anegada flamingos either flying overhead or nestled across the waters of the pond.

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Enjoy the Pool

When you've had just enough time in the ocean, take a relaxing dip in the pool, or lounge on the deck.

Various Dining Choices 

Four Diamonds Park Villas is conveniently located only a few minutes from all of Anegada's best restaurants. Make reservations for some freshly caught lobster or fish, or enjoy the privilege of private in-house catering/dining. (Available upon request) 

Relax on the Gazebo

Climb the stairs of the elevated gazebo to view surrounding areas and southern seas and its islands. Experience the entire ambiance of Four Diamonds in one glance while being tranquilized by the cool island breezes.

Enjoy our Grounds

Enjoy the open greenery and fresh island breeze while engaging in some outdoor activities. Make use of our hand-built fire pit, BBQ grill, picnic tables, and outdoor games conveniently located on Four Diamonds Park Villas' beautiful grounds.

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